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January Thoughts January 11, 2009

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Wow. It’s already the second week of the new year.  The middle of winter.  The time of cold and snuggling in with a good book.  To enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I opened my first jar of canned tomatoes from my pantry and made some vegan cream of tomato soup, and some corn bread last night.

When I pick up that jar and look at the fat red rounds of tomato’s packed into it, I remember summer. The bright heat and long days. The feel and smell of a fresh picked tomato. It’s a bit of summer packed in glass.

Last summer I bought 3 lugs of tomato’s ( 1 lug of tomatoes is about 30 pounds.) from an organic farm a few miles down the road. My son and I spent a few afternoons putting them up. It was hot work, but now I have a winter’s worth of local organic tomatoes that cost very little, lining a shelf in my pantry. Such a nice sight.  I use them to make soup, of course and different sauces, like enchilada and marinara. I add them to beans soups, and whatever else I think of. Does anyone else have any great recipes they use for canned tomatoes?

I even have a few herbs growing in my window this year. Some chives, basil and some thyme. It’s nice to clip fresh herbs to add to my meals.

I’m reading a book that was a Christmas gift from my son. A fantasy called Queen of Dragons by Shana Abe. It’s a great escape.

I’m also looking at gardening catalogs that are appearing in my mailbox. Oh yes, that’s right. Winter will come to an end.  But right now, I’m enjoying this quiet time. This time to make simmer soups on the stove and read a good book.


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