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Earthworms and Compost January 24, 2009

Filed under: Homes,Uncategorized — misscilicia @ 4:41 pm

My neighbor gave me a composting suggestion I’m wondering if anyone has tried, or heard of. Her idea is to keep a small lidded container under your kitchen sink. Put in a bit of soil and some earthworms.  Make sure some air can get in. Add your compost as you go. She thinks that the worms would eat all the compost right away, and you would be left with some wonderful fertilizer ready to go. My neighbor and her husband are full time truckers, so are not home long enough to try it.

This sounds like it might work. Has anyone ever tried it, or know of anyone who has? I’d like to hear about it.


2 Responses to “Earthworms and Compost”

  1. stacey Says:

    hello there, if you are using the eisenia fetida (red wriggler) worms, they will be great, and can be used under the sink. they do not really need soil, but DO love old coffee grinds to use as a grit. composting worms eat microbes, thus need the organic matter to break down … you are welcome to read more at our site / . good luck!

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