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Candle Making March 9, 2009

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I burn a lot of candles during the winter months. They help me on those dark gloomy days when the sun seems to set almost as soon as it rises. I keep one or two in each room. They bring light and  joy into my life, and  help me make it till spring.

They do get expensive though. I finally followed up on an idea I had years ago.  I had burned a large scented candle, and when it was burned out, there was a lot of was left. There was more wax left than had burned. I put it in a bag, and added more wax from burned out candles till the bag was full. I had been saving the little jars some candles come in, and had cleaned them out.

All I needed was some wicks. I had bought some and also some soy wax last month, so I was all set. First I turned the oven on to 200 degrees, and set the empty glass jars on a cookie tray in the oven. This was to warm up the jars, so they don’t shatter when I pour in the hot wax. I cleaned out a tin can and bent a pour sprout into it with my hands. I then heated a couple of inches of water in a pan, filled the tin can with the chucks of leftover wax and set the can in the boiling water. When the wax melted I removed the heated jars from the oven, set a wick in the middle and very carefully poured the hot wax in. I set them back in the oven for about a half an hour, and wha-laa- I have candles. They cost me .10 cents each for the wicks.

I then made some soy candles in the same manner. While they look very pretty, disappointingly they do not burn at all well.

Does anyone know a way to make soy candles that will burn well?

In the meantime, I will keep collecting the candle scraps and making  more of my ten cent canldes.

Melting the candle wax

Candles and candle jars keeping warm in the oven

My finished candles!


2 Responses to “Candle Making”

  1. Writer Gal Says:

    Looks like you are walking the talk and doing it in style. I love your new greenhouse! If you have ripe cherries, I’d better check my cherry tree which finally bloomed and started fruiting this spring! Thanks for all the inspiration.

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