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HEAT WAVE August 21, 2009

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105. That’s what the sign said as I dove past at about 3:00 this afternoon. Whew.  It’s August all right.

Over the years I have learned how to keep my house cool-at least relatively-during these heat waves.

When it starts to heat up outside we shut all the windows and doors. We always have fans going.  I like to freeze a few pans of water, then put them on a tray and under a fan. It’s wonderful. Poor man’s air conditioning.

Every evening when it starts to cool off, and is cooler outside than in, we reverse the process and open all the doors and windows.

Best of all, though is my outdoor bedroom–my tent. When it’s too hot to sleep inside I blow up my air mattress and sleep watching the summer stars.

Anyone have any other ways to stay cool?


3 Responses to “HEAT WAVE”

  1. Janessa Says:

    Great suggestions. Thanks!

  2. Christine Perala Gardiner Says:

    I like the wet scarf trick. Any scarf that goes with what you’re wearing can turn into a summer air conditioner. Just make it wet and wrap it around your neck. The summer heat fades as body equilibrium returns, no matter what the thermometer says!

    Christine Perala Gardiner

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