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Quick & Simple Christmas Decoration December 15, 2009

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I wanted something festive to add to the baskets I’m putting together for gifts this year. I had gone to the dollar store and got some pretty woven baskets.  I then filled the baskets with the food items I’ve been making throughout the year. I put in some pear conserve, some apple pear butter a small jar of pear cordial, (It was a good pear year:) and some dried cinnamon apples. I added a couple of candles I made last month. Then I put in a few varieties of tea bags from my tea cabinet.

I had picked up a few pine cones earlier in the year. I wanted to use them in the basket but wanted to make them prettier.  I have some glitter that is made for faces, so thought I’d try using that. I squirted some on the cones, then spread it around with a paint brush. After letting it dry for an hour or so, I then put a drop of elmers glue on the end. I would have used super glue, but didn’t have any. I had some raffia, so I cut it and tied it in a knot at the end, then put it in the glue. This made a loop to hang the pine cone. I left them to dry on newspaper.  When they were dry, the project was complete.

I didn’t want to leave the house or spend any money so I used what I had around the house. There are many things that can be picked up in your yard or on a walk that would be good to decorate. Make it pretty and put a loop on it. Wala. Now you have a unique decoration for free or nearly so.

This whole project only took about 10 minutes of actual time to complete.

Here are some photos showing the process.

The materials.

Adding glitter

Some red glitter

Applying glue

Adding the rafia loop.

The finished basket


2 Responses to “Quick & Simple Christmas Decoration”

  1. Janessa Says:

    that’s awesome!

  2. Linda Says:

    That’s funny. I was thinking about making sparkly ornaments with pine cones in December. Thanks for your tips and the gift basket idea. Lovely photos and descriptions. We are on the same wave length!

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