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“Kitchen Sink” Soup January 3, 2010

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When my daughter was home for Christmas, she suggested I post about the soup we were having for dinner. My son’s friends call it kitchen sink soup and I call it leftover soup, and everyone that eats it calls it good.

I have a gallon jar full of mixed beans. I buy the 16 bean mix bags  when I find then on sale-usually at the grocery outlet. Love that store! When I have a small amount of uncooked beans or legumes I add them to the jar and shake it up.

This soup makes a complete complex protein and it is packed with all kinds of  vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This soup is very nourishing and comforting. It makes your body happy.

When the urge to make soup hits, and it does often in January, I bring out my trusty old crook pot. I rinse the beans and soak them overnight. I always add some barley and other grains. In the morning I turn the crock pot on high, and go about my day.  I usually throw in some frozen tomatoes that I bought at the farm down the road last summer, along with a bay leaf. You can add a can of tomatoes later instead.

About an hour or two before dinner time, I add whatever veggies need to be used, which always includes lots of fresh garlic and onion. I add some veggie broth and or some miso.  (A note about miso. It is a concentrated soy bean paste, and very nutritious. Add at the last. If miso boils all the beneficial parts of it are killed.)  If you have a  half can of corn in the fridge for example, throw it on in.  I like to add oregano, thyme,  rosemary and cayenne.

This soup is different every time I make it, as I use whatever is on hand.

It’s a very versatile soup. Add tomatoes or not, Add different spices. Add whatever veggies are on hand. Sometimes I throw in a handful of noodles. It takes very little actual hands on time. Throw together some quick corn bread muffins (anyone want the recipe?) and maybe a small salad or marinated cucumber and dinner is served.

This soup is very inexpensive to make, and it makes good use of foods that would otherwise get wasted. If you have leftovers-and I always do-you can freeze it in pint containers. This is quite handy to take to work with you. It’s thawed by lunch time. I like to reuse yogurt and margarine containers for that. They work well for this.

It’s a joy to come home after a hard cold day out in the real world to home make soup awaiting for you, the scent reaching you as soon as you open the door.

Here’s a few photos-and my lunch:)

jar soup


3 Responses to ““Kitchen Sink” Soup”

  1. Back to Eden Says:

    This soup is so good!

  2. Ahimsa Says:

    I love the picture of those beans. Oh yeah, and the soup sounds pretty delicious too. 🙂

  3. Linda Says:

    I plan to try this when the cold weather hits. It sounds like my kind of comfort food. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Yum!

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