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SNOW! February 26, 2011

Filed under: Cooking,Homes — misscilicia @ 11:38 pm

I do love it when it snows. Everything looks so pristine and pure. But, the best part is making snow cream. It’s obviously a rare treat, which adds to its appeal and allure.

My paternal Grandma in North Carolina used to make it for me.  We would go for a walk in the woods behind the farm, and get a big bowl of snow.  The only important thing is t be sure that it’s clean snow. (Avoid yellow snow!) You also want snow as opposed to ice.

There are two ways to make it.  I’m going to tell you the easy way. This recipe has two ingredients.  Snow and sweetened condensed milk. All you do is open the can and pour it into the clean snow. Stir it up, then dig in! My youngest son has been known to eat this until his lips turned blue.

Here’s some photos:

If you get snow where you live, turn it into a celebration and eat it!


One Response to “SNOW!”

  1. Linda Corey Says:

    Never heard of this version. We used to make snow ice cream in New England this way. Gather fresh clean snow enough to fill a metal pie plate to heaping. Pour real Vermont maple syrup over it … I used to make artful designs and criss-crosses on mine. Grab a big spoon and eat. My brothers and I always ate a whole pie plate full each!

    Thanks for sharing your own recipe for snow ice cream. I bet it’s good too!


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